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Maian Music Changelog (

[+] Added [*] Updated [-] Bug Fix

Version 2.7 (27/11/2018):
[*] Updated Stripe API library (6.22.1)
[-] Fixed issue where related product selections were not saving for collections
[-] Fixed menu issue where count sometimes showed incorrect amount of collections in style
[-] Fixed onclick button issue causing buttons to not work as expected in some browsers

Version 2.6 (11/09/2018):
[*] Added better error handling for Stripe gateway via try/catch block
[*] PHPMailer library updated (6.0.5)
[*] Updated Stripe API library (6.1.6)
[-] Fixed bug where country of residence didn`t save when adding account via admin CP
[-] Fixed bug where track cost wasn`t passed to gateway if at least one entry existed in the offers table

Version 2.5 (06/04/2018):
[+] Added PDF support for additional cover art
[+] Added batch delete options to all admin list screens
[+] Added contact form for support enquiries
[+] Added guest checkout system to cart routines
[+] Added new one click search option to search collections, tracks, accounts and sales
[+] Added option to approve sales before downloads can be accessed. Helps prevent fraud.
[+] Added option to build collection search tags from track titles
[+] Added seo options to music styles. Alternative browser title, meta description and meta keywords.
[+] Added support for PHP mail function
[+] Added support for PHP7.2*
[+] Added support for Stripe payment gateway
[+] Added wav support by default. By default supports mp3, mp4 and wav.
[*] Brand new admin interface with better performance on small screens
[*] Brand new frontend interface with better performance on small screens
[*] Font awesome library updated (5.0.9)
[*] In admin CP, mail settings, maxmind settings and social settings moved to separate screens
[*] Maxmind GeoLite database updated to GeoLite2 due to the forthcoming discontinuation of GeoLite
[*] PHP min version required now 5.5 or higher. Older version support removed.
[*] PHPMailer library updated (6.0.3)
[*] Password storage updated to use PHP`s password bcrypt API. All passwords must be reset.
[*] Twitter bootstrap library updated (3.3.7)
[*] Updated GetIDE3 PHP media parser system (1.9.15)
[*] Updated Iridium Corporation payment gateway to Pay Vector
[*] Updated Paypal IPN callback to use new endpoints and verify SSL
[*] Updated social links to be easily added / removed in admin CP
[*] Updated store search to also search tracks. This is optional and can be deactivated.
[*] jQuery library updated (3.3.1)
[*] Removed support for Beanstream (now Bambora) payment gateway
[*] Removed support for Fetch payment gateway
[*] Removed support for Global Iris payment gateway
[*] Removed support for Paypoint (now Pay360) payment gateway
[*] Removed support for Realex Payments payment gateway
[*] Removed support for eWay payment gateway
[-] Fixed bug preventing admin IP restriction from working if set
[-] Fixed bug related to offers and tracks when offer tracks were added to basket
[-] Fixed string operator fatal errors for export routines

Version 2.4 (05/06/2017):
[+] Added support for PHP7.1
[*] PHPMailer class updated to latest stable release (5.2.23)

Version 2.3 (10/06/2016):
[+] Added support for PHP7
[-] Fixed bug preventing JamboPay (Tanzania) from updating order after payment
[-] Fixed database backup issue when database name was in uppercase characters
[-] Fixed issue with Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus and Czech Republic having incorrect country codes

Version 2.2 (27/02/2016):
[*] Improved track add screen so that existing tracks in collection are clearly defined and cannot accidentally be re-added by mistake
[-] Fixed bug causing auto account activation after sale to fail in some cases
[-] Fixed bug related to full album purchases
[-] Fixed bug that could make a style a sub style of itself and disappear from the style list screen
[-] Fixed collection bug that caused some track downloads to fail.
[-] Fixed incorrect path for mail debug log
[-] Fixed issue with pagination in store if search engine friendly urls were enabled
[-] Fixed url issue which caused error in header template and urls to be wrong. Broke in 2.1.

Version 2.1 (19/11/2015):
[+] Added moss CSV export to admin control panel. Located via sales menu
[*] Updated payment gateways to be disabled by default on install. Except Paypal
[-] Account is now auto activated after a sale, instead of only via the verification email
[-] Fixed bug that caused spaces to appear when summing tracks on admin collection page
[-] Fixed bug where changing MP3 or CD text to something else, broke the cart routines
[-] Fixed issue related to track counts when collection was set to load directly from style
[-] On admin backup page, last updated date was showing incorrectly as creation date

Version 2.0 (14/10/2015):
[+] Added accounts system so visitors can view downloads/purchase history
[+] Added basic shippingzones for physical CD shipment
[+] Added basic tax options
[+] Added batch mail tool to send batch mail to buyers
[+] Added contact form. Can load from any custom page.
[+] Added database backup option
[+] Added export option to export buyers/emails to CSV
[+] Added gift coupons option
[+] Added import/export routines for tracks and collections
[+] Added license agreement email option with personalisation. If enabled is sent after purchase
[+] Added many SEO improvements including custom url slugs, alternative browser titles etc
[+] Added music styles/genres. Styles can be top level with sub styles.
[+] Added new discount system for special offers
[+] Added option for minimum purchase amount
[+] Added option to link single style directly to collection.
[+] Added option to restrict downloads to a minimum number of IP addresses
[+] Added option to restrict downloads to original purchase IP
[+] Added option to sell physical CDs
[+] Added option to specify start invoice number
[+] Added page management system to easily add new pages
[+] Added path check screen in admin cp to check mp3 files and cover art exist
[+] Added revenue overview screen in admin control panel
[+] Added sale clipboard function to easily add tracks/collections to new or existing sale
[+] Added stats screen with sales and revenue overviews
[+] Added support for Disqus comments system
[+] Added support for MOSS ruling. Digital and tangible tax can be set differently per country
[+] Added support for MP3 tag reading when adding tracks
[+] Added support for Maxminds GeoIP database for IP detection
[+] Added support for Sound Manager mp3 player
[+] Added support for many more payment gateways
[+] Added support for pushover API. Receive sale notifications on your tablets and mobile devices.
[+] Added support for social networking and sharing buttons
[+] Added support for social networking and sharing buttons
[+] Added support for twitter rest api. Post tweets directly from admin control panel.
[+] Added terms and conditions option on checkout. Can be enabled / disabled via admin cp.
[+] Added white label license. Market and sell the product as your own.
[+] Brand new HTML5 responsive system via Twitter Bootstrap
[*] Added better support for cover art. Easy to preview and select cover art for collections.
[*] Download expiry restrictions changed to mins,hours and/or days rather than click counts
[*] Dropped artist and category filters
[*] Improved mp3 and preview file handling. Now easier to add content
[*] Music files now grouped into collections rather than albums
[*] Removed packs and presets
[*] Track ordering now utilises drag and drop

Version 1.3 (13/06/2009):
[+] Added MySQL FULLTEXT searching
[+] Added export sales options
[+] Added filter by artist option for stats
[+] Added keyword/keyword phrase tags for albums
[+] Added meta description for albums
[+] Added option to filter by artist on music page
[+] Added packs & presets
[*] Changed path structure
[*] New interface
[*] Premium beat flash player removed and replaced with open source flash player.
[*] Updated PHP mailer system
[*] Updated captcha code
[*] Updated checkout to be more streamlined
[*] Updated graph class to latest version
[*] Various coding enhancements/updates/fixes

Version 1.2 (11/07/2008):
[+] Adapted for Joomla by Alao Arelowo (
[+] Added discount option for album purchase
[+] Added sub categories for albums
[*] Updated captcha code

Version 1.1 (15/02/2008):
[*] Removed Coffee Cup jukebox player and added Premium Beat free flash player for single track previews.

Version 1.0 (06/10/2007):
[+] Version 1.0 Released


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