Personal Support

Free personal support is offered with all purchases of Maian Music:


When you purchase Maian Music you automatically receive 3 months FREE personal support. This gets updated each time you purchase one or more products from Maian Script World. If you have time remaining on your original support expiry from a previous purchase, this carries over to your next purchase. Examples:

You purchase one or more products from Maian Script World, you receive 3 months free personal support.

A month later you make another purchase. You`ll have 2 months remaining from the first purchase, plus 3 more from the new purchase, so 5 months.

Personal support can be renewed at any time. See pricing below.

Personal support can be requested via the Maian Script World Licence Centre. I reply to personal messages as soon as possible, in most cases within 30mins if I`m online. This takes priority over support messages on the forums, which will take longer. Notifications for personal support are sent to all my devices so I am immediately aware of any issues.

Please take a moment of your time to view the two tabs detailing what IS covered and what isn`t. Thank you.

What IS covered & Terms

The following is covered with the personal support:

  • Free 3 months personal support is offered on any purchase, even if a gift code was used.
  • Each time you make a new purchase, your personal support expiry is updated. Existing time from a previous purchase carries over.
  • Personal support is free for 3 months regardless of how many licences are purchased.
  • Notification will be sent automatically when your personal support runs out and you can renew if you want to (see pricing below).
  • Personal support can be renewed at any time. Remaining time carries over. This is optional.
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of support messages you can send during your support subscription, but please only mark queries as urgent if they are urgent.
  • Personal support can be discontinued at any time if I feel its been open to abuse. No refunds will be offered.

Note that if you don`t renew, you can still log into the licence centre as normal to generate licence keys.
What is NOT covered

The following is NOT covered with the personal support:

  • Maian Music Installation and/or third party script installation.
  • Template integration
  • HTML/PHP or any other custom programming
  • Phone support
  • Free upgrades / installation
  • Personal tutoring

You may still contact me about any of the above, but further charges may be incurred.
Terms & Conditions

The terms of personal support may be changed at any time and the webmasters decision is final. You will never lose any time you have paid for.

Renewal Pricing

Personal support can be renewed at any time. Pricing as follows:

1 Month @ £3.50
3 Months @ £5.00
6 Months @ £8.50
12 Months @ £15.00
24 Months @ £29.95 +2 FREE months

Any remaining time gets carried over.


If you already have a commercial licence for Maian Music and your personal support is active, please contact me via the licence centre to ensure a faster response.

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