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As a sound and film expert, as well as a web programmer, I believe Maian Script World knows enough about the complex world of music, which often requires not just one's being a skilled software developer, but also being deep in to the music industry.

We use Maian Music for one of our music webshops and we are pleased to recommend this script to everyone looking for a simple and powerful music shop
- Flemming Bach, CIO, BEZH ApS, Denmark
Buying this software was the best investment that I made this year, because I have tried to go above and beyond in customising it to fit my needs, which has resulted in me learning a lot about PHP, mySQL, etc. (Prior to this, I simply knew my way around HTML and CSS). The PHP is positively FILLED with helpful comment lines so that someone new to PHP can still find their way around and make edits without breaking the operation.
- jjjjeczalik (MSWorld Forum)
I use Maian Music and Maian Affiliate, they work in conjunction with each other and I have found them really helpful for me. The support is second to none. The free trial is a super idea to test out if any of the Maian software is suitable for your use. I purchased commercial licences for my Maian software, low cost, good value and I highly recommend the products and the company.
- Denis Steer
It was very easy to install and no bugs l have seen so far and l personally love it, especially how support keeps in touch.

For the price l bought it for, it is worthy far much more than scripts that are sold for $250 or so.

So keep up the good work and developing it.
- Crispen
Maian Music software is most excellent. Thank you David! As a coder myself, I am totally impressed with the professional quality of the design of this software. I want to express my appreciation for your efforts for putting this Maian Music package out there as a free tool for aspiring digital media sellers.
- Stuart de Usoz. Recording artist/Web Developer, Barcelona, Spain
West Norfolk Radio have recently purchased Maian Music to provide independent artists another outlet to sell music.

The Program was easy to load onto our server without professional help, although we did have a problem of our own making. We contacted MS World and David had this sorted within hours. We are still testing the program before it goes live and are very impressed with its performance.
- Brian Clayton - West Norfolk Radio
This is software like it`s meant to be: simple, completely bug free, intuitive and completely customisable. If Microsoft products worked as well as this, they`d be a huge multinational company! And the prompt, helpful service is the icing on the cake.
- Matt Young - meditationmp3s.com
I have been using Maian Music for 2 weeks now, I have had no problems with install also has very detailed instructions on how to setup, Maian Music is very good looking performs very well, best of all you don't need to know coding to install Maian Music if you need help David is there to help.
- Tim Vercoe

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